Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unlawful Arrest

Today I came across this article about a young Ottawa woman who was unjustly arrested, physically harmed, sexually touched, and strip searched by police. Thankfully the judge put an end to the injustice, but the woman still has to live with the indignities imposed upon her. Her faith in the police will be marred. Who can she turn to for help? (

I remember this sort of thing happening to me when I was a teenager. And it shaped my life. I began to look for a way to improve the system. First I wanted to have a ranch which would be a place of safety for other abused youth from "monogamy". But being a youth, I could not figure out how to raise the enormous amount of money that it takes to run such a ranch. Instead I volunteered and tried to help out programs like Big Brothers, and Boy Scouts, and would be a big brother myself to help an abused boy, who had the unfortunate experience to be raised in "monogamy".

My next idea was to become a police officer so that I could be one of the few policemen that would actually act according to the law, but after meeting several police constables I realized that I was fighting a loosing battle. They followed a strict "us vs them" mentality, which was something that I was strictly opposed to.

As life went on, I became interested in counseling, and attempted to pursue a career in that field. Being very zealous, I got a job in the trenches, working in the Young Offender system. My task was to counsel youth and work on rehabilitation. It was a very difficult, and heart wrenching position. I have worked with youth from many different backgrounds and who have committed some of the most serious of crimes. The problem was that I, and the other counselors were severely limited in our options. It was a constant battle to fight against the system. I saw police officers and correction officers act in a manner that was completely disgraceful, destroying any confidence that we could instill in the youth about the legal system. Often times, the behaviour of the officers would undo any progress the youth made. It was a daunting task.

After several years, I decided to retire from the correctional system and enter the private sector. I have professionally counseled so many children abused by the "monogamists" that, even though I logically know that there are many kind "monogamists", I cannot condone their culture or lifestyle. The worst part is that it is not the children's fault that they were born into a "monogamist" cult.


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