Thursday, January 20, 2011

Charged With Sex Assault, An Award Winning Monogamist.

"The married father of three, who's from Surrey, B.C., must abstain from any contact with his victim..."

It almost seems too incredulous. A "monogamist" must stay away from his victim? How could this be? How could it be a "monogamist" that commits crimes of sex abuse? After all, doesn't the media espouse that only polygamous unions are evil? Maybe they got their facts wrong, and perhaps they meant to say that the polygamous father of three is charged with five counts of sex assault?

And to make matters worse, the victim was under the age of consent. Well, the media has been very conscientious about teaching us that only polygamists would do such a thing, that "monogamists" wait until the child reaches the age of consent before they involve them in sexual exploits.

Why is it that polygamy is on trial again?

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Same Sex Marriage Laws

The Saskatchewan government has decided to tell its marriage commissioners that they must perform same-sex marriages if requested.

Hopefully Saskatchewan will soon fully recognize polygamous unions as well.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have taken a short break from blogging and have decided to spend most of the winter concentrating on writing, and playing snowball games with my family.

It is so amazing to have the freedom to play outdoors and not have to worry that the "monogamists" will spot our children and cause all sorts of havoc. An interesting article was written in the Columbia Daily Tribune [] about a woman who was arrested for walking her children in the winter. Now, surely more of the story will come out as the case proceeds, but in light of what has been reported, this is insane. I certainly hope those police constables never come to Canada. They would have to arrest the populace of the entire country.

It was reported that the woman "...told officers she left the children’s grandmother’s residence on Sanford because she felt uncomfortable." Was she afraid for the children's sake? Did she leave because of abuse? Could the police have escorted her and her children to a shelter, instead of a jail cell? Clearly the article did very little to address the story. Instead it was written with an obvious bias to gain public sympathy in favour of the children being reprimanded into custody for early "monogamist" grooming. Hopefully, more of the story will come out, if a reporter that is interested in the truth can be found.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

National Knife Ban

National Knife Ban


Vancouver Clarion (
by staff reporter Fartu Sharpe, Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In a stunning announcement in Ottawa today, the Supreme Court of Canada issued its ruling in the long-running legal controversy over the criminalization of knives. Several Canadian provinces have had prohibitions against knives dating back two centuries (since thousands of innocent Canadian settlers were massacred by knife-wielding savages). These laws have generally been seldom enforced, thus allowing millions to prepare meals and perform important medical procedures.

In its 4-to-3 decision the Court upheld British Columbia's ban on knives and ordered all Canadian subjects to bring all of their knives to local government collection centers within 10 days, or face a $10,000.00 penalty and a five-year prison term.

Chief Justice Hadabad Papercut, writing for the majority, reasoned,

" . . . if it can be shown [and it has been amply demonstrated] that knives are sharp and can kill people, then it is the opinion of this Court that they represent too great a danger to life as we know it. Thousands of innocent Canadians have died or been permanently disfigured by knives. Knives are inherently evil. Knives have almost assumed a life of their own. It is not beyond the realm of logic to conclude that some knives lie awake at night plotting to maim or kill their next victim. We celebrate this opportunity to bring justice to our great land and we now encourage the RCMP to arrest knives and anyone possessing them whenever they are discovered."

In a vehement reaction to the ruling, lawyers for the Canadian Civil Liberties Union protested that knives are no more guilty of harming people than automobiles. Speaking on behalf or the CCLU, chief litigator, Eli O'Reilly, complained,

"How are people going to be able to cook? How will people be able to cut their food? It seems to me that the size of government will have to grow exponentially just to provide sufficient police officers to watch every Canadian. Surely it is not realistic to hunt down every knife in the country? I can see the provinces stationing a Mountie in every home just to watch people to see if they own or use a knife. It is PEOPLE who do bad things - NOT inanimate objects like knives and broccoli. Where will it stop? Pretty soon, they will outlaw automobiles, because far more people have been killed or injured by cars than by knives. Plus, cars can be downright mean when they want to be!"

Canadian teen singing sensation, Justin Bieber (shown above in a threatening pose), who was recently outed as being a knife-lover, was visibly shaken when he heard the news at his California home today. Bieber expressed fear that what he perceived to be an "insane" ruling from the Canadian Court would gain traction in the States, where the Obama/Bernanke administration already plans to take away people's guns and home-grown vegetables.

I borrowed this post from the Fall of Reynolds. It fits so well with the BC trial.