Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Season

Just a quick update!

As my readers can see, I have been no longer limiting my posts to just my family, but also included topics in the news, especially since the court case in BC has begun. There are way too many victims of "monogamy" to just keep silent.

After the Holiday Season, I will get back to blogging.

But, to tide everyone over, here's an interesting idea from NCBI/PubMed.gov/U.S. National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12027028)

Alcohol use and serial monogamy as risks for sexually transmitted diseases in young adults.

Corbin WR, Fromme K.

Department of Psychology, University of Texas at Austin 78712, USA.

Alcohol and condom use were assessed using global, situational, and event-level analyses in a sample of young adults (N = 305). Results varied by methodology, event, and partner type; an inverse association between alcohol and condom use was found only at the event level. Participants with strong sex-related expectancies used condoms less frequently when drinking at the time of 1st intercourse with their current partner. For most recent event with a regular partner, alcohol use was unrelated to condom use, but gender, relationship duration, and oral contraceptive use accounted for more than 25% of the variance. Thus, alcohol may increase risky sex early in a relationship, whereas partner familiarity and alternate contraceptive use play a larger role as relationships develop.

Here are some ideas from Stephen J. Dubner
Do We Drink Because We’re Monogamous, or Are We Monogamous Because We Drink?

He references a working paper the AAWE has just posted: “Women or Wine? Monogamy and Alcohol,” by Mara Squicciarini and Jo Swinnen.
Historically, we find a correlation between the shift from polygyny to monogamy and the growth of alcohol consumption. Cross-culturally we also find that monogamous societies consume more alcohol than polygynous societies in the preindustrial world.

It is an interesting article. If you would like to read it in full, check out http://freakonomics.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/12/27/do-we-drink-because-were-monogamous-or-are-we-monogamous-because-we-drink/

The ironic part is that there are some very serious and evidential psychological associations between abuse and alcoholism. It does not take a psychologist to see the connection between alcohol use/misuse to run away from conscience and accountability. Alcohol has long been used to dampen the conscience and lower inhibitions for the express purpose of obtaining goals which society and Jimminy Cricket would not approve. In fact, this is the only reason that people drink; to stop the negative/controlling feelings, and allow us to have what we could not bring ourselves to have otherwise.

When I return from my short hiatus, I will attempt to address some of these proven and documented associations, most especially how it applies to the self-righteous, mind controlling, abusive cult of "monogamy".

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Virtues Of "Monogamy"

Here's a cartoon depicting the "virtues" of "monogamy".

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family Update

Well, I thought I would leave behind the political agenda today and update everyone on what is happening in our family.

First, Mary-Beth is doing better, but still goes through very deep and serious bouts of depression. She can be happy one moment, then instantly go very sullen. We have her over here often to give her a break from her abusive husband. Lorne has seemed to come to terms with our 'talk' and he is healing well. Mary-Beth tells me that Lorne has relaxed a lot of his abuse, and that she is able to tolerate the rest for the time being. My little niece is doing okay, and loves to play with her cousins.

Our children are doing well and growing fast. They are enjoying the winter snow. They love to make snowmen, go skiing and snowshoeing, and especially make snow cones. We just have to make certain that they have the snow cones early enough in the day, because that much sugar really gets them going.

Toni loves her job at the vet clinic, but is sad that she misses out on a lot of the winter fun with the children.

Our extended families have been leaving us alone for the most part lately. It is nice not to have to live with the constant threats they make against the children. There is so much peace in our lives, now that we have escaped from our "monogamist" past. The children no longer have to live with abuse and they are doing well in their studies. It is so amazing, they are happy and healthy now that they are far away from the brainwashing and abuse.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Infamous “Monogamist” Colonel Russell Williams Is In The News Again

The infamous “monogamist” Colonel Russell is a former commander of CFB Trenton. In October 2010, he was sentenced to two life terms for the first-degree murders in Ontario of Cpl. Marie-France Comeau, 38, of Brighton and Jessica Lloyd, 27, of Belleville.

The notorious “monogamist” pleaded guilty on Oct. 18 to more than 80 crimes, including the murders, two counts each of sexual assault and forcible confinement, and 82 break-ins and attempted break-ins. He is currently imprisoned at Kingston Penitentiary, and now his wife, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, wants a divorce after approximately 9 years of marriage.

Mary Harriman has not spoken publicly about the case and did not appear at the sentencing hearing of her husband, though she is a co-defendant with her husband in a $2.45-million civil lawsuit launched by one of the former Colonel Williams's sex assault victims. The victim claims the "horrific and reprehensible" attack has left her fearful and suicidal. She is suing Harriman, because Williams transferred an Ottawa property to his wife for the specific purpose of defeating the lawsuit.

In her defence statement, Harriman says that her husband did transfer his interest in their home, and other assets, but it was a "domestic contract", and there was "nothing untoward or suspicious about the transfer."

Here are a couple articles:

Rapist Blames “Monogamist” Cult Cleric For The Way He Is

Man gets nearly 20 years in Haiti sex abuse case

"NEW HAVEN, Conn. - A man was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison Tuesday for sexually abusing children for more than a decade at a school he founded in Haiti, including some who faced him in the courtroom and testified that he threatened to put them back on the streets if they did not submit to his advances.

Perlitz admitted in August that he engaged in illicit sexual conduct with eight children who attended the Project Pierre Toussaint School for homeless children in Cap-Haitien. Prosecutors said Perlitz gave the children money, food, clothing and electronics and threatened to take everything away and expel them from the program if they told anyone.

Arterton said she believed there were at least 16 victims, based on testimony that authorities recorded on video by others who attended the school. Some of the six young Haitian men said in court that dozens of other boys were abused by Perlitz.

"The damage and the harm he has done is just so extraordinary in this case," Assistant U.S. Attorney Krishna Patel told the judge. "He should be punished for the fact that he did this to the world's most defenceless children. He is a danger to our children. He's a danger to the world's children.""

Brainwashing propaganda from the “monogamist” cults harm all children worldwide, not just to their own people. This evil elitist “monogamy” propaganda, passing for morality, has caused more wars and damage throughout history than all other factors combined. I would go so far as to say that it is this elitist mentality that is the sole cause of all war and oppression.

"In court documents, Perlitz said one factor in the crimes was his "dark and abusive relationship" with a priest — whom authorities have not named — he met while attending Fairfield University.

Perlitz's lawyers also wrote in court documents that he had "confusion and shame about his sexuality, and struggles with his identity; an ongoing, complicated and exploitive relationship with an influential priest; and increasing isolation and pressure while in Haiti.""

It is a thoroughly documented and proven fact that almost every abuser has been abused. It is time to stand against the “monogamist” elitism and put an end to child abuse in all it’s forms.

Read the whole story:

As They Sow, So Shall They Reap

The propaganda and brainwashing of children in the “monogamist” cults is so thorough that this type of crime is becoming commonplace among them.

From MSN news:
6 to stand trial in Calif. homecoming gang rape
MARTINEZ, Calif. - A judge ordered six defendants Tuesday to stand trial on felony charges in the gang-rape of a teenage girl outside a Northern California high school homecoming dance.

The judge issued the decisions after hearing evidence over 20 days about each defendant's involvement in the Oct. 24, 2009, attack on the Richmond High School campus during a homecoming dance.

The 16-year-old victim was heavily intoxicated when she was sexually assaulted, robbed and beaten over two hours while spectators watched, authorities said.

Read more:

These "monogamists" are so sick that they just stand around and watch as if this heinous crime were some form of deviant entertainment. Others even take pictures so that they can pass it along to their perverted "monogamist" friends, and post the pictures and video on the web, hoping to cause further suffering and torture to the victims by having them relive the horror.

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Monogamists" Utalize TV To Spread Their Message

From Fox News

According to a new study conducted by the Parents Television Council (PTC), Hollywood is shockingly obsessed with sexualizing teen girls, to the point where underage female characters are shown participating in an even higher percentage of sexual situations than their adult counterparts: 47 percent to 29 percent respectively.


“The results from this report show Tinseltown’s eagerness to not only objectify and fetishize young girls, but to sexualize them in such a way that real teens are led to believe their sole value comes from their sexuality," said PTC President Tim Winter. "This report is less about the shocking numbers that detail the sickness of early sexualization in our entertainment culture and more about the generation of young girls who are being told how society expects them to behave."

“Storylines on the most popular shows among teens are sending the message to our daughters that being sexualized isn’t just acceptable, it should be sought after,” Winter said. “It is outrageous that TV executives have made it their business to profit off of programs that depict teen girls blissfully being sexualized by casual partners.”

“Certain shows, advertisers, etc. sexualize underage people, which does double damage: it sends a message to youth that their self-worth depends on their sexuality, and provokes inappropriate sexual responses from adults. This is irresponsible programming and is disrespectful to youth,” Los Angeles-based psychologist Dr. Nancy Irwin said.

What else can we expect from those deviant "monogamists", whose only purpose in life is to have sex with as many underage girls as possible? They are not grooming teenage girls by accident. These are well planned out, strategical programs, specifically designed to recruit young girls into the "monogamist" lifestyle.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2010/12/16/new-study-shows-images-sexualized-teen-girls-dominating-airwaves/#ixzz18hdZip4w

Will Other "Monogamist" Cults Follow Suit?

Pope seeks to repair sex-abuse 'injustice'

Benedict said the Catholic Church must reflect on what is wrong with its message — and with Christian life in general — that it allowed for the widespread sexual abuse of children by priests.

The church must train priests better to ensure that such abuses never occur again, he said.

In their own scriptures Jesus said something to the effect of 'whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.' It is very clear that Jesus thought of child abuse as a very serious crime. Maybe they should actually follow their God, instead of molesting children. To be told by their God that they would be better off dead, than to molest a child, is a sobering thought.

We must ask ourselves what we can do to repair as much as possible the injustices that occurred," Benedict said. ...

"We must find a new determination in faith and goodness."

Benedict has previously acknowledged that the scandal was the result of sin within the church and that the church as a result must repent for it and make amends with victims.

Contrition is only a beginning. It would be a good start to repent and make amends with the victims, yet amends will be not be complete until the effects of the crimes no longer exist, and all else that the children have lost by collateral damage is restored to them.

"We must ask ourselves what was wrong in our message, in our entire way of configuring the Christian being, that allowed such a thing to occur.

It is obvious that serial monogamy is the root. Pluck it out and plant virtue in it's place.

But Monday's comments suggested that there might be some intrinsic problem with the way Christianity and its message is understood in the modern world that allowed for the abuse to fester unchecked.

There sure is! The belief that a person can do anything they want then "repent" later by saying a few prayers, or volunteering in their church, or just confessing a belief in Jesus, is a demonic teaching. Again their scripture says something like 'if your brother hath ought against thee, first go thy way and be reconciled with thy brother, then return and offer thy gift.' Even in their own scripture, they will not be accepted by their Lord if they are not reconciled with their brother.

But he said the crimes of the priests also had to be looked at in the broader social context, in which child pornography and sexual tourism is rampant and to some degree considered normal, and where as recently as the 1970s pedophilia wasn't considered the absolute evil that it is today.

Is this guy for real?

"The psychological devastation of children, in which human beings are reduced to a marketplace article, is a terrifying sign of the times," Benedict said.

Now if only the other "monogamist" cults would begin to follow suit and make restitution for their crimes against children. And organize themselves so that they never condone the practice again, even by association.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

“Monogamists” Grooming Their Children For Sex

An interesting article from LifeSiteNews:

“…children are being groomed for sex at increasingly early ages in primary school in government-approved sex education programs…”

Imagine having to live in a world where you do not have the choice to raise your children in safety; where the “Monogamist” government dictates that you must send your children through their illicit sex grooming programs.

“Presented to primary school children in three parts, the program starts by instructing children aged five to seven in the names of genitals and the differences between boys and girls, and between children and adults. In the other sections, children aged seven to nine are given full instructions in sexual intercourse, conception and childbirth. The program includes detailed illustrations of male and female genitals and masturbation, cartoon videos of adults having sex and a graphic presentation of childbirth.”

Imagine a world where the “monogamists” rule and your elementary school children are subjected to graphic pornography and lessons on exactly “how-to” give an orgasm to their classmates.

“Remember these are seen to nine year old children,” she said. The program is clearly aimed at grooming children to have sexual relations by the time they reach secondary school: “First you get them conscious of the sexual organs then you teach them how to have sex. You break down every inhibition, teaching them about sex, thinking and taking about sex as part of their everyday life.”

This is the most common method of grooming among pedophiles, as well as other criminals. If they get enough people hooked and believing their distorted view of morality, then they won’t feel so bad about their own deviancy.

The entire article can be found at the following address:

Friday, December 17, 2010

"Monogamists" Murder Three Refugees

A small family of Burmese refugees, including one small child, were found dead in their Regina townhouse this past August. A heinous crime against people who were different. How could the "monogamists" justify murdering a 3 year old child?

The strange thing is that the police have a 12 person task force assigned to work on this case, but even with all their expertise and technology, they are trying to get the public to believe that they do not know which of their people have perpetrated this crime. Sounds like a cover-up.

It is quite obvious that their "monogamist" cult leaders just need more time to find a scape-goat and to re-arrange the facts, plant new evidence, etc.


Saskatchewan Child Welfare Review Report


A report on child welfare in Saskatchewan says the system is broken with too many children going into care — and it needs a major overhaul.

The Saskatchewan Child Welfare Review report was presented Thursday to Social Services Minister June Draude.

Titled For the Good of Our Children and Youth, the 53-page report says foster care is in crisis and the care some children are receiving may be doing more harm than good.

These are the same "monogamist" people that have the vanity to "help" the children of polygamy?

The numbers themselves are alarming, the report says. Last year, there was a daily average of 4,382 children who were receiving care outside of the family home, a 41 per cent increase over four years.

The number of children who are permanent wards of the state has grown from 260 in 2004 to 629 in 2009.

The number of children suffering abuse in the "monogamist" cults are increasing at a substantial rate each year.

It says children in Saskatchewan's child welfare system can be shuffled around from overcrowded foster homes to group homes. Some miss school and leave the system worse off, in some cases, than if they'd been left in their own homes.

The "Monogamists" cannot even take care of their own children, and yet they claim one of the reasons that they want to criminalizing polygamy is for the benefit of the children. Their programs leave many of their own children in a worse condition than before. It is very unlikely that they will do anything less to the children of polygamous families.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Monogamist", And His 10 Year Old Child Bride

This story was reported by cnews earlier this year.

MONTREAL - Self-described pastor Daniel Cormier, serving time for sexual assault of a minor he claimed was his child bride, has been sentenced to an additional nine months in jail for the sexually assault of a second person under 18.

"The court cannot give a bigger sentence because the accused has, since the events of the current case, been sentenced to 49 months in jail for a sexual infraction," Judge Claude Leblond told a packed courtroom Monday morning.

The 16-year-old was a parishioner and volunteer at his now-defunct Church of Downtown Montreal.

Cormier, seated in the prisoner's box wearing a winter coat, did not react to the judge's ruling.

Leblond also ordered that Cormier, whom he said showed no remorse for his actions, be included in the national sex offenders registry.

Cormier was sentenced early last year for the sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl whom he said he married during a ceremony. Cormier insisted he was innocent and that his victim was in love with him.


'Wards of the Court' looks at CAS

Child abuse among the "monogamists" is so prevalent that they often entertain the practice of taking children away from parents who abuse and neglect their children. I agree that we should always strive to help innocent children, who are being neglected and abused. Unfortunately, taking children away from their families and placing them in the care of the state has often had more serious adverse effects, subjecting the children to even more serious abuses.

Even though they may say it, they admit they don't really know what it feels like.

While most people think they have some idea of what love is, two former foster kids said their upbringing in a group home has left them devoid of that emotion.

"I don't know what love is anymore -- we don't know how it feels," said Aulora Weeks, 18.
Read more
Posted By Heather Rivers, SENTINEL-REVIEW

It Looks Like The Word Is Getting Out

A Michigan psychology professor on Wednesday told the polygamy trial that men with multiple wives have no corner on the market of violence against their spouses.

Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/with+multiple+wives+only+ones+abuse+Expert+polygamy+trial/3983485/story.html#ixzz18JK0doGv

It looks like the word is getting out there. Don't be afraid to stand for liberty; tell everyone you can about the abuses of "monogamy".

Can An "Educated" Person Have A Rational Thought?

While she noted that there have been several autobiographical accounts of former members of fundamentalist Mormon communities, Beaman says in her affidavit that assessing harm from that would be akin to extrapolating harms of monogamy by taking the accounts of people who have had abusive marriages.

It is nice to see that there are some educated people out there that can see beyond their diplomas.

Based in research done by Angela Campbell, a McGill law professor who testified earlier in the trial, and others, Beaman suggests that women in the fundamentalist Mormon communities have been wrongly stereotyped as having no choice or being brainwashed.

Brainwashing, she says, has “been largely discredited as a valid way to see those who belong to minority religious groups.”

Brainwashing, Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Linguistic Association, grooming, advertising, etc, are all closely related viable methods of conditioning people's thought patterns, though this does not mean that everyone who associates with a religion cannot think for themselves, nor does it suggest that those who do not belong to a particular religion, are not victims of the most simplistic of brainwashing.

Beaman, who also has a law degree, suggests that rather than stereotyping, society ought to assume that all members of minority religious groups “choose to be or remain involved in religious groups.”

“Such a position does not negate taking seriously allegations of abuse or underage marriage, for example, but assumes that the religiously committed have capacity as agents to make decisions.”

A main aspect of living in some religious groups is to live free from the abuses found in mainstream society. Yet there is always someone who deceives their way into a group in order to prey on others. It is not difficult to discern that those belonging to some minority groups would gladly help, and accept help, in curtailing abuse in all it's forms.

Not doing that, she says, means taking “a patriarchal position which treats religious minorities as being without the ability to make decisions. It assumes that we have the right to impose a particular worldview 'for their own good' on an assessment of their religious practices that is not based on empirical fact.”

Almost every abuser thinks that they have the right, or a justification, to harm their victims. Many abusers seek out like-minded individuals to validate their beliefs. Others quickly join to keep from being persecuted themselves. Soon a very large group of like-minded abusers have legalized control and power over those minorities who refuse to assimilate, minorities who want to live free from abuse and oppression.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/life/enough+research+done+determine+polygamy+harmful+professor+says/3971442/story.html#ixzz18HU63pXy

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Proposterous Libel In BC's Polygamy Court Case


"...people often believe silly things, if given enough proof." OreSeur, The Well of Ascension

Here's a quote from the Globe and Mail:

"Prof. Henrich named a long list of social problems he said are associated with polygamy.

When men have multiple wives, they require younger women to meet the demand. Prof. Henrich said that leads to teenage brides, with young girls marrying much older men.

That also creates a pool of men, usually of lower economic and social status, with no one left to marry. Those men are more likely to commit crimes, including rape and murder, and abuse drugs and alcohol, Prof. Henrich said."

Now here are a couple of stories from CBC News yesterday:

Sketch of Saskatoon suspect released

The 17-year-old female victim was walking near the corner of Avenue R and 20th Street West on the west side of the city when a man approached and struck her.

He then dragged her into an alley and sexually assaulted her, police said

La Ronge man jailed for indecent assault

A La Ronge, Sask. father has pleaded guilty to sex-related crimes against minors dating back more than three decades.

Professor Henrich is an unfortunate product of an ignorant educational system, and now he is being called on as some sort of expert. It is all a sham.

I left "monogamy" years ago, because of the innumerable, and inexhaustible abuses that were inflicted upon me and others. I have found peace and safety in freedom and equality. I will never go back to the oppression of forced "monogamy".

"...people often believe silly things, if given enough proof." OreSeur, The Well of Ascension

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Torture And Murder, Rampant Among "Monogamists"

Another story of horrific abuse and satanic murder among the "monogamists".


What a horrible environment for innocent children to have to live in!

What can we do to rescue these innocent children, who have had the unfortunate experience of being born in the deviant society of "monogamy"?

When will they pass laws against these satanic people?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Deception Of Gender Equality In A Society Of Forced “Monogamy”

Thousands of studies have revealed the damage that a parental break-up can have on children, but the prevalence of what experts call “multi-partner fertility or serial monogamy” is salt in their wounds. One study showed that by the time the first born children were five, 20% of their mothers had a child by a different man, and 27% of the children were living with their mother’s new live-in “monogamist” partner.

These "monogamous" relationships tended to reduce biological father involvement in the lives of the first born: Dads are less likely to come around when a new man is in the house. In the long run, it’s not even clear that the new boyfriends are good for the women involved, since mothers with children by more than one man “reported significantly less available fiduciary support and resources than those with children by one man.”

The women and children in these “monogamous” societies are often at the bottom of the economic scale. The are often reduced to living in squalid conditions, to which the mother has no recourse except to consign herself to a life of misery and accept the position that their oppressive “monogamous” society has unjustly placed upon them, to lower her standards and pair off with a self-serving, unfaithful “monogamous” man.

Multiplying the difficulties of the child-unfriendly atmosphere are the many fathers who go on to have children with another “monogamous” woman. The study reported that men with children in a new relationship spent less time and money on their previous children. One study also found (no surprise) that the quality of “co-parenting” declines when a new “monogamous” girlfriend or boyfriend enters the picture.

For the men who were adverse to the separation, the break-up often resulted in severe difficulty. Men who lived with their children worked longer hours and earned more, while those who moved out were more likely to become unemployed.

The studies also showed a tremendously detrimental impact on the children suffering in these "monogamous" societies. The studies clearly showed that children growing up with single mothers have more behaviour problems than those with two stable parents; those problems worsen with every “transition,” that is, every new “monogamous” relationship and break-up.

Evidence is clearly shown that instability affects children’s cognitive performance.

Worst of all, children growing up with a boyfriend or stepdad in the house are at greater risk of abuse, a fact horribly demonstrated in the daily reports of police officers across the country, of children being hospitalized and/or dying as a result of their mother’s "monogamous" boyfriend’s beatings.

Serial Monogamy is a blatantly obvious strategy of self-serving men to get as many women as they can without having to accept responsibility for their actions. It is a design of evil men that want to deny accountability for their behaviour, and turn women into chattel, to be traded back and forth, to be used, then cast aside, all under the pretence of fairness and equality. One only needs to consider the damage to families in “monogamist” societies.

For the millions of oppressed and abused women and children in these “monogamist” societies, life will not change until polygamy is decriminalized and freedom and equality and the protection of law, are available to all women and children.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Up To The Present

Emotional, sexual, social, and financial abuse, were not the limit of abuse that Mary-Beth suffered from her husband. She was terrified of him. He would shove her and hit her. One time he “bumped” into her with the truck, causing serious injury to her knees. (To this day, her knees still give out on occasion.) Lorne had learned his lesson, and now began spreading roomers to her family and friends before Mary-Beth had a chance to tell anyone of the physical abuse. Then when in public, every time Mary-Beth would come near, or reach out her hand, he would be certain to flinch to corroborate his lies. He successfully turned her friends against her, and even succeeded in convincing our mother that Mary-Beth was the violent one. On one occasion, her mother even advised Lorne to call the police, and she would help to have Mary-Beth arrested.

After the baby was born, Lorne seemed to give in once in a while to his wife’s need for affection, but he was only interested in weird sex acts that caused pain and physical damage to Mary-Beth. In fact the more painful it was for her; the more he seemed to like it. He was continually subjecting her to pornographic music, movies, and books to try to get Mary-Beth to lower her inhibitions for sadistic sex acts. Then when his “needs” were not met sufficiently, he began to look outside of the marriage. Until one time, Mary-Beth caught him dating someone.

He had gotten a temporary job, and had been coming home from work in the mood for romance. Mary-Beth thought that he was turning over a new leaf, when in reality, he was feeling guilty for dating one of his co-workers. So he had been paying extraordinary attention to his wife. It seemed too good to be true, and it certainly was. Lorne brought home a virus and infected Mary-Beth. She got quite sick for a while, but recovered enough to be active once again, but she will now carry this virus for the rest of her life.

This last betrayal has been too much for her and she has finally contacted me and told me what has been happening. I have since had a ‘talk’ with Lorne and made it very clear that I would now be looking out for my sister and niece, and that I would be checking in with them daily. I am hoping that my dear sister will come to her senses soon, and will leave behind the demonic philosophy of the “monogamous” lifestyle.

Condensing The Story

I suspect that, even though I have been condensing the story of abuse that my sister has suffered at the hands of the “monogamists”, perhaps I have not been condensing the story enough. Mary-Beth’s life of suffering is very similar to the stories of other women living through abusive situations, so perhaps I will shorten her story a bit more.

As food supplies became extremely low, Mary-Beth had to stoop to begging. She was still working part time, with the odd full day of work, but Lorne spent all the money on entertaining his friends. If she protested he would threaten to take the baby and leave her. So to get food, Lorne had her beg from their church. Even though their church gave them food, the food was not free. Mary-Beth had to work it off by doing odd jobs for the church. Now, she was working part-time for her uncle, part-time for the church, then going home and taking care of her daughter and growing a garden. It was too much and she was exhausted. The food that she begged from the church came with far too high a price tag. Every time she begged, she felt a piece of her break, and she would cry. She promised herself that she would starve before ever begging for food from the church again.

To some readers, this next thought may seem too extreme to be real, but just imagine having to live daily through abuse at the unrelenting hands of a “monogamist” sociopath.

After coming home from work one day, and seeing her child crying softly, Mary-Beth’s heart sand, and she quickly, but quietly because Lorne was in the room, asked what was wrong. Softly and abashed, the child whispered that she was hungry. With tears in her eyes, Mary-Beth went outside walking around and praying for food for her child. She was so distraught that she began trying to get up the courage to cut off one of her own fingers to make a soup to feed her child.

It is easy to starve yourself, but to stand by and watch your child starve will drive people to extreme measures. Those who are outside looking in, who have never lived through serious abuse, will never understand the oppression and fear that a victim lives through.

At this time something changed inside her and she broke again. She knew that if she went back to begging from their church, that she would be controlled and humiliated by them, and they would treat her as if she were worthless. She would have to spend even more time away from her daughter. And she could not bring herself to sell her body, though the thought was more acceptable than being sold into slavery to her "monogamous" church.

Then she happened to notice the wildlife all around her, so she decided to learn to hunt. She knew it was against the law to poach, but she did not know what else to do. Eventually though, she did get her hunting licenses and hunted legally for the most part.

Recovering From The Abuse Of "Monogamy"

Many women caught up in “Monogamist” cultures are victims of severe sexual abuse. This abuse often results in a completely unhealthy addiction to sex. There are places that specialize in treatment of sexual addiction such as Bellwood Health Services. You can look them up on the net at http://www.bellwood.ca/

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Birth Of An Angel

It was a week or two after the birth of my niece, before they took the child to their church to tell everyone about the new baby. Mary-Beth held tight to her new child. For a new mother, there was a deep sadness in her eyes, instead of joy. She smiled shallowly, as everyone oooed and awed over the baby, but rarely did she allow anyone else to hold the child. Of course that didn’t stop Lorne. He took the child from it’s mother and passed the baby around to everyone.

Mary-Beth stood beside me, her eyes filled with tears, silently pleading with me for help. I walked over and asked to hold my new niece, then returned the child to it’s mother. Lorne didn’t dare take the child again as long as I was standing there, but he certainly took notice. Any chance he got, he made sure to take the baby from it’s mother and pass it around, then turn to smirk at me.

It was not long before Mary-Beth had to go back to work, and leave the baby with Lorne. At first it didn’t seem all that bad, but it did not take long before it became painfully obvious that the baby didn’t seem to be growing much, and often had a rash. Apparently Lorne had been wrapping the baby up in blankets and just leaving it alone in the crib all day. Lorne rarely changed the baby, or fed it while Mary-Beth was away at work. Lorne’s neglect of the baby got so bad that Mary-Beth had to quit working full-time in order to take care of the baby.

With the loss of income, and Lorne's spending habits, they had less and less to eat, and often Mary-Beth had to hide the baby food from her husband. When Mary-Beth would try to feed the baby, Lorne would steal the baby’s food right off of it's plate. Eventually, Mary-Beth began to feed the baby in secret. She would hide food from her husband, then chew up the food for the baby, instead of running the food processor, which would attract Lorne's attention. As spring arrived, feeding the baby became easier. Wild strawberries grew in the ditch, and other berries she scavenged from the bush. Perhaps one of the worst things was that the odd time she would collect road-kill.

The abuse of children is a heinous crime that should never be overlooked. How can the government continue to allow the evil practice of “monogamy” to continue?


“Monogamy” Is Poverty For Women And Children

Welfare rates in “monogamous” societies are through the roof. Economic freedom is severely reduced for women confined to “monogamous” marriages. The “monogamous” men are well known for their promiscuity. In fact the more deviant the “monogamous” males are, the more the females in that culture seek after them. The “monogamous” men just use women for sex, get them pregnant then leave them and their babies to fend for themselves.

Those cast away women and children often have no other choice but to live off of welfare, or worse, have to seek for work in the degrading sex trade. The deviant “monogamists” across this country needs to be exposed as the perverted child molesters and women abusers that they are. Their attempt to create a culture devoid of morality, subjecting women and children to lives of disparity is truly disgusting. The rampant sexual exploitation of children is accompanied by brainwashing them to believe that the kindness of God is a lie and that there is no hope for a better life, not here or in the hereafter.

Their entire “monogamous” culture is based on male status: who can be sexually active with the most women. They begin sexually grooming children from the time they are born, brainwashing young girls into losing their virginity and becoming sexually active. Then as soon as they are pregnant, they are cast aside and treated poorly. They reward sexual promiscuity, but punish women who bare children or want to raise a family. The unsuspecting women soon become entrapped in this oppressive “monogamous” lifestyle. Then once trapped, and often ashamed of themselves, they support the lifestyle that has entrapped them, helping to raise the next generation of sexual deviants, teaching the young men to idolize those whom they consider ‘studs’. They teach the young girls that they can do any sexual thing they want. The men entice the young women and adolescent girls by having them watch movies or listen to music specifically chosen to lower their sexual inhibitions, often getting the young girls drunk, or slip them a drug so they can have sex with them.

Abuse Through All Eternity

The year after the marriage, Mary-Beth went even further into her abusive marriage. It was insane. She had been brainwashed into believing that her only hope of salvation was contingent upon her agreeing to be married in the afterlife to this wicked man. But her life only got worse. Much worse.

Any normal person would ask, why would she want to be married to this guy in the afterlife, especially if her mortal life with him was so bad? But this is what happens when anyone is inducted into a cult. Everything that you are exposed to is tainted with their own spin on things. It goes on day and night until you cannot think for yourself anymore.

They told her that if she did not marry this guy for the hereafter, that their "monogamous" god would take the child away and give it to someone else. She had no choice, but to submit to her manipulative husband and abuse for all eternity.

Emotional abuse involves harming a person's sense of self. It includes acts (or omissions) that result in, or place a person at risk of, serious behavioural, cognitive, emotional or mental health problems.

For example, emotional abuse may include verbal threats, social isolation, intimidation, exploitation, or routinely making unreasonable demands. It also includes terrorizing a mother by threatening to steal her baby.

Abusers may use a number of different tactics to manipulate thier victims, to exert power and control over them, and prevent them from running away from the abuse or seeking support. The people who are being abused are usually in a position of dependence on the person who is abusing them.

Abuse is a misuse of power and a violation of trust. The abuse may happen once or it may occur in a repeated and escalating pattern over a period of months or years. Often the abuse changes form over time, allowing the abuser to change tactics to accomplish the manipulation. More often than not, abuse tactics are very subtle, often mimicking true concern.

But abuse is always clearly apparent when we remember this one principle, that true love and concern will never deny anyone their free agency.

True love and concern will never exercise control over anyone, in any degree of unrighteousness.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If You Need Help...Call Anytime

If you are stuck in a "monogamous" relationship, and want to get away from the oppression and abuse, remember others have left before you and have found their way to safety.

Here are a few sites to check out.


The Broken Spirits Network

Women-Safe Network

Women's Web

Her Secret Revealed

Mary-Beth was 7 months pregnant before she began to show. I believe that only her and Lorne knew that she was pregnant up until that time. Though Mary-Beth walked around like an automaton, void of emotion from the depth of emotional and sexual abuse that she was living through, once in a while she would place her hand on her abdomen and drift deep into fantasy. But her fantasy was not like others’, full of thrills and new experiences, or dragons and exciting stories, instead her fantasies were running to a place of safety where she could live in peace with her soon to be born child.

This wonderful fantasy did not last long though. It was soon broken by thoughts of failure. What if she couldn’t escape? What if he caught her and the baby and brought them back? His “monogamous” family was large, and had substantial wealth, they could easily afford the best lawyers and take her baby away.

Lorne had been successful in turning the leaders of their “monogamous” cult against her. And obviously word had gotten around, because other members of their congregation had begun to express their disdain for Mary-Beth as well. And now, with more and more people knowing that she was pregnant, her hopes of escape began to dwindle. She should have left months ago. She should have already tried to escape from this insane cult. She should have given up all hope of eternal salvation and run far from the abuse of heaven’s “monogamous” cult.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kissing and Grinding

After Mary-Beth had met with her Bishop and her stake presidency, everything changed. Lorne obviously felt vindicated, and became more open in his flirtations with women. I often saw him kissing women on the lips, grabbing them tightly around the waist and tilting his pelvis into theirs. He no longer seemed to hide his flirtatious behaviour. He went to visit old friends and flames, and basically returned to his old lifestyle. He stopped working and just slept all day.

I was often worried that Mary-Beth would commit suicide, so I tried to stop in as often as I could. Most times Mary-Beth was away at work (she often worked two jobs), and I often woke Lorne from his beauty sleep. The house was a mess. The floor was sticky, like a movie theatre, and the dishes were always filthy and spread all over the house. He slept on the couch and was covered in crumbs and junk food wrappers. It was horrendous.

Even though Mary-Beth worked two jobs, they never seemed to get ahead. I found out later that Lorne had been taking all the money, and wouldn’t let her have any. He had all new clothes, and she was going to work in pants with patches on them. Her glasses became badly scratched and she needed new ones for years. I helped her out whenever she would let me, but she was taught to believe that suffering whatever God and her church wanted her to suffer was what she was supposed to do. They taught her that if she did not submit to their ill treatment, then she was rebelling against God and would be cast into hell. They had brainwashed her to an insane level, and she just took it all.

He spent their money on parties and hanging out with his girlfriends. And during all this, Mary-Beth believed that she would go to hell if she spoke out against her “monogamous” husband and their “monogamous” church.

It may be common knowledge to those of us outside these cults that this is abuse. And most of us feel that this kind of a sadistic religion that makes God out to be a respecter of persons, is far outdated, belonging in the annals of history. But to those who get caught up in these serial “monogamy” cults, it is the only thing they know. They are victims of abuse. No less. Many of them suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Many of them are manic depressive (bi-polar) and are on anti-depressant medications. They often suffer from physical or sexual abuse, and believe that their feelings of guilt and shame are righteous punishments from God. It is very difficult for them to adjust to a healthy life outside of the “monogamist” cults.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Begging Ecclesiastical Leaders For Help

It was late one summer evening, when Mary-Beth showed up at our house. She smiled and greeted us with hugs at the door, but it was obvious that she had been crying. I immediately asked her if she was okay, but she assured me that she was.

Mary-Beth was not one to run away from her problems. She always tried to fix them herself and if she couldn't, she would ask for help in such a round about way that I never really knew what the problem actually was. I was often perplexed, but I knew that she would not have shown up without her husband, unless there was a serious problem.

She asked if she could spend the night and if we could take her to church tomorrow. So we pulled out the couch and found her some blankets, and Toni gave her PJ's to wear, and we said goodnight. It was a strange visit. She never told me what it was about until years later.

The next morning we all piled in to the van and were off to church. Mary-Beth borrowed some dress clothes from Toni, because she only had the clothes that she showed up in, which were casual, but heavily laden with sweat. She had obviously been walking for hours.

Church was a little awkward. Lorne was there chatting with other members of the congregation, not too concerned about the situation. Then upon seeing me walk in with Mary-Beth, his countenance changed. He began to look worried. (As a result of being abused as a child, I had built my muscles quite large to deter my dad from repeating the abuse, so at this time I was a little intimidating in appearance.)

Mary-Beth walked up to Lorne and told him that she would like him to visit the Bishop with her after the meeting, to which he reluctantly agreed.

During the service, Mary-Beth sat close to my side. She didn't say much, but put on a great show of strength. She was determined to make her marriage work, and she was not going to be one of those people that always complain about their spouse, spouting their personal problems to everyone.

After the meeting, she looked in my eyes and said nothing. My heart ached. I knew that this was serious. I had not seen that look since Mary-Beth and I were children. She only had that look when we were being molested. My teeth clenched with the flood of emotions that it brought back. I followed her to the Bishops office. They both went in and I stood outside the door. I could not hear most of what was said inside the room, but near the end of their meeting I could hear laughter. At first I was relieved, thinking that all had been worked out and everything would be okay. Then the door opened and Mary-Beth came out with her eyes clamped shut, and tears flowing down her cheeks. She reached out and I took her hand and walked quickly with her out of the church. Behind us, the Bishop and Lorne were laughing and shaking hands.

At the time, Mary-Beth wouldn't tell me what had gone on in the Bishop's office, so I just sat there on the curb beside her. What else could I do? I knew something was terribly wrong, but she wouldn't tell me. [I learn now, from her journal, of the previous post "Smell This" and that she had actually went to the Bishop to ask for his help in marriage counselling. She had forgiven her husband for lying to her and marrying her, even though he knew that she only wanted to marry a man who had kept the law of chastity. She felt raped. Deceived into marriage with a person that she did not want to be married to. And even though she felt this way, she was willing to forgive, and work things out.

When they went into the Bishops office, she told the Bishop that she had been deceived into marrying Lorne but that she had forgiven him and wanted to help Lorne start the repentance process. Apparently, Lorne had told the Bishop of his philandering with a "this happened to me" twist. The Bishop began to laugh and told Mary-Beth that she would be hard pressed to find a virgin man in the church. Then Lorne joined in and laughed right along with the Bishop.

In my own experience, as I stood outside the door waiting, this laugh was not just a short burst, but a long full laugh that went on for a few minutes. Then continued after the door opened and Mary-Beth came out.

As we sat on the curb, she asked me to drive her to the Stake President (the next in authority above the Bishop in her "monogamous" church). So we all packed in the van again and drove the hour or so to see the Stake President. He wasn't available, but we were able to get an appointment with his first counselor.

The first counselor had always treated Mary-Beth with respect, especially when it came to interviews. She requested him that I be allowed to come into the meeting. She told him how her husband had been unfaithful and how she felt that now she was being adulterous be continuing their marriage. I was shocked. My sister was a firm believer in loyalty between spouses, but now she had been betrayed and the marriage covenant was broken, she wanted out. Unfortunately, the first counselor didn't see it that way. He just smiled and redirected the focus. He asked her if she loved him. And Mary-Beth, who loves everyone, answered yes. But she did not believe that she should have to stay married to an unfaithful man. But the first counselor just said that if you love him, then just ignore it and stay with him. She went to protest, but he reminded her that if she could not forgive, that she would lose her salvation. Then he asked her to leave. That was it.

Mary-Beth had forgiven Lorne, but she had been betrayed and no longer wanted to live with an adulterous man. But she also was very controlled by her church leaders. Those who are outside this "monogamous" cult will never truly understand the depth of psychological warfare used on it's members. When a church leader, whom the members revere as a mouthpiece of God, speaks, then the members will follow. They believe that to reject the counsel of God's spokesperson, is to reject God. In other words, if Mary-Beth were to deviate, even a minuscule, from the counsel of her church leaders, she would in effect be giving up her eternal salvation. She would be giving up her entire purpose in being. Then there is no reason to live.

On the drive home, I offered everything I had to my dear sister, but she declined. If God didn't love her, and if God wanted her to live in captivity and abuse, then she would submit.

After that, I rarely heard from Mary-Beth again. Whenever I was able to contact her, she just smiled shallowly and responded in socially acceptable pleasantries. Her eyes were sunk deep, and always red and swollen. She even stopped eating and lost a great deal of weight. She went into depression and had often contemplated suicide, to the extent of actually having everything ready to kill herself.

Then she found out that she was pregnant.

Serial "Monogamy" - Unending Cycle of Abuse

Serial "Monogamy" creates a never-ending circle of abuse.

Many studies have been done to trace the profiles of sex abuse perpetrators. I have made note of a few of them below.

* At the national level, between 15% and 33% of all sex offences in Canada are committed by persons under 21 years of age.

* Prison statistics demonstrate that one in seven of those imprisoned for sexual offences against children was under the age of 21.
Source: Adolescent Sex Offenders. (1997) National Clearinghouse on Family Violence. Cat. H72-22/3-1997E. ISBN 0-662-18255-3. (pg. 2)

* Some offenders have abused more than 70 children before any of the victims disclose their abuse. In cases in which one offender has abused a larger number of victims, the abused children are more likely to be male.
Source: Child Youth Mental Services, British Columbia Ministry of Health, Multiple Victim Child Sexual Abuse: The impact on Communities and Implications for the Intervention Planning, Ottawa: Health Canada, Supply and Services Canada, 1994 (pg. 6)

* More than 40% of convicted child molesters were sexually abused as children. They tended to choose victims close to the age at which they were first victimized.
Source: D.M. Greenberg, J.M. Bradford and S. Curry, “A comparison of sexual victimization in the childhoods of pedophiles and hebephiles,” Journal of Forensic Sciences 38(2) 1993, (pg. 434)

The statistics of child abuse in "monogamous" societies are so overwhelming, that it would be impossible to cover all aspects in this blog. Though, if we band together, we can make a difference in the lives of these children.

Together, we can stop the abuse.

Join in the legal battle to change the laws away from the forced "monogamy" that now rules our great country.

"Monogamous" relationships are inherently evil, and are inseparably connected to an unending cycle of child abuse.

"Monogamy" sexualizes children.

"Monogamy" robs children of their constitutional right to freedom and equality.

A Few Abuse Statistics of the "Monogamous" Culture

In 1999, the McCreary Adolescent Health Survey II* found that:

* 35% of girls and 16% of boys between grades 7 - 12 had been sexually and/or physically abused
* Among girls surveyed, 17-year-olds experienced the highest rate of sexual abuse at 20%

University of Victoria's Sexual Assault Centre*** posts the following childhood sexual abuse statistics:

* 1 in 3 females and 1 in 6 males in Canada experience some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18.
* 80% of all child abusers are the father, foster father, stepfather or another relative or close family friend of the victim.
* Incestuous relationships last 7 years on average
* 75% of mothers are not aware of the incest in their family
* 60-80% of offenders in a study of imprisoned rapists had been molested as children
* 80% of prostitutes and juvenile delinquents, in another study, were sexually abused as children.

In their 2001 report on Family Violence in Canada**, The Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics found that family members, including relatives, constituted the vast majority (93%) of alleged perpetrators.

Another statistical study conducted in 2001 by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics**** found that:

* among family assaults parents were the perpetrators in 56% of physical assaults against youths and 43% of sexual assaults against youth victims 12 to 17 years of age;
* siblings were responsible for approximately 25% of physical and 26% of sexual assaults in the family that were perpetrated against youth
* extended family members committed 8% of physical, and 28% of sexual assaults against youth


Families have been forced to confront the fact that people they know, love and trust have committed incestual acts.

Professionals are just beginning to understand the ramifications this childhood sexual abuse has on the victims.

As a society, we all pay dearly for the victimization of our children and youth; and I'm not just referring to the physical and mental health consequences of these young people. Sexual abuse is a significant component of the history behind:

» sex offenders
» substance abusers
» prisoners
» prostitutes
» runaways


Consequences – Individual

* Child victims of sexual abuse have been found to display a wide range of symptomology, such as: low self-esteem, guilt, self blame, social withdrawal, marital and family problems, depression, somatic complaints, difficulties with sexuality, eroticized behaviour and irrational fears.
Source: C. Cahill, S. Llewelyn & C. Pearson (1991). Longterm Effects of Sexual Abuse Which Occurred in Childhood: Review. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 30: 117-130
* There has been retrospective correlation of psychiatric disorders in adulthood with unwanted childhood sexual experiences.
Source: R.L. Palmer, D.A. Chaloner &R. Oppenheimer (1992). Childhood Sexual Experiences with Adults Reported by Female Psychiatric Outpatients. British Journal of Psychiatry, 160: 261-5.
* The long-term consequences of childhood sexual experiences with adults have been demonstrated to include, anxiety, deliberate self-harm, depression, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, eating disorders, poor self-esteem, prostitution, and sexual dysfunction.
Source: R.L. Palmer, D.A. Chaloner &R. Oppenheimer (1992). Childhood Sexual Experiences with Adults Reported by Female Psychiatric Outpatients. British Journal of Psychiatry, 160: 261-5.
* Women who reported sexual abuse histories were more likely to report suicidal ideation at the time of hospitalization and a history of multiple suicide attempts.
Source: Preliminary Report on Childhood Sexual Abuse, Suicidal Ideation, and Suicide Attempts Among Middle-Aged and Older Depressed. Nancy Talbot, Paul Duberstein, Christopher Cox, Diane Denning, Yeates Conwell. Accepted April 8, 2003. From the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, NY and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Smell This

The first year of marriage was riddled with abuse. One of the situations that seems to stand out to me happened in the first half year of marriage. It was a time when Mary-Beth seemed to have overcome her disappointment in her husband. On one day in particular, she had been praying a great deal, and felt the spirit of love, and was determined to forgive and love her husband unconditionally. She went into the house, remembering all the love she had for her husband now and during her courtship. As she entered the house, Lorne was coming down the stairs and smiling. Mary-Beth smiled back and began to ascend the stairs opening her arms to hug her husband. Just then, he stopped and held up his hand right in front of her face, and said smell this. His hand was dripping with sperm. He laughed as he kept teasing her and shoving his fluids into her face, “I’ll masturbate whenever I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Her heart sunk.

As you can imagine, Mary-Beth was struggling again, desparate to save her marriage when Lorne dropped another bomb. He told her that he had indeed lied to her, when he said that he had saved himself for her. That he lied just so he could find a wife and settle down. He continued his laughter and told her that the reason he fell asleep when she had offered oral sex, was because he had already had oral sex with another girl, and compared to her, Mary-Beth was worthless at it.

Well, this was too much for Mary-Beth to handle. She began to seek the counsel of her ecclesiastical leaders.

Consummating The Marriage

From Mary-Beth’s diary the next ten days of married life carried a similar tone. Each time that her and her husband started to become too intimate, he would reject her and satisfy his own needs himself.

On the eighth day of their marriage, Mary-Beth writes that she was desperate to try anything that she could think of to make him love her, so she decided to attempt to use her mouth on him. He had mentioned this behaviour before, but she could not bring herself to do it previously. At first he seemed quite interested, but then as she was under the covers he went flaccid, fell asleep and began snoring. This certainly did not help her self-worth. She couldn’t help but wonder how he could fall asleep? Even if she did not know what she was doing, she couldn’t figure out why he would fall asleep if she was the only person that he had ever been with. She started to seriously doubt that he was a pure as he claimed to be. She was so hurt that she got out of bed, dressed and walked out the door. Previously, she had always been afraid to leave, because Lorne often brainwashed her into believing his psychotic “monogamous” religious beliefs that she would be going to hell.

She had no idea where she would go. She was in strange city and didn’t know anyone. When she was a couple of blocks away, Lorne caught up with her and asked what was wrong. He seemed so genuine, that Mary-Beth was caught off guard. He had run out after her in his bare feet, and so she thought that he truly cared. (Personally, I think that he was just afraid of losing a slave.) Perhaps because she had no money and no where to go, and was terrified that she was going to go to hell, she talked herself into believing that her husband cared and she returned with him.

On day ten, Mary-Beth was still concerned with not having consummated their marriage, and obviously had an incorrect belief that if they consummated their marriage then their marriage would get better. So she offered to spend all her money (she had a few hundred dollars set aside) on an expensive suite at a five star hotel. This seemed to work, and Lorne quickly agreed. Once there though, Lorne made a demand that if she wanted to have intercourse with him that she would have to perform a particular position. She submitted and did as he asked. It was a painful experience, but at the same time she was so excited that she began to have an orgasm. When the orgasm began, Lorne began to withdraw. She begged him not to, but he forcefully pushed her away, leaving her body contracting, but not with pleasure. (From this point on in her diary, there is a significant change in her writing. Obviously the result of serious neurosis.)

As time went on over the next few months, Lorne seemed to just stop all offers of intimacy and would only allow Mary-Beth intimacy once or twice a month. At first he just liked to watch her, then he would take care of himself. He eventually got to the point where he told her to take care of her own needs as well, though it seems to have progressed to that point over the course of the first year of marriage. She was able to have intercourse though if she was willing to pay him for it, usually by buying him expensive gifts.

The Wedding Night

In telling me her story, Mary-Beth has allowed me to read a few pages from her diary. I have tried to be as accurate as possible, without being too vulgar or sexually revealing, while still trying to tell her story accurately. I also ask her to approve of the posts before I post them.

Imagine you are a young girl daydreaming about your first crush. Of course he would be the cutest boy in school, and everyone would find him charming. The other girls date any boy they can, but you are patiently waiting for the right boy. Then one day it happens. You meet the boy of your dreams. He’s tall, good looking, a snappy dresser, and very charming. And best of all, he seems to be just as smitten with you as you are with him.

You start courting and find out that you have a great deal in common. He likes all the same things that you do. He loves to travel, wants to see the world. He loves god and volunteers often in church. He loves his mother and is kind and courteous to her. He is kind to children and would like to have his own some day. And perhaps most intriguing of all, he has never had a serious girlfriend, but has been waiting patiently for you too.

Then the day of your wedding arrives, and it’s beautiful. You stand beside your handsome fiancĂ©e, as the minister pronounces you ‘man and wife’. Then off to the reception where everyone toasts to your happiness, after which you arrive at the Inn for the first night of your honeymoon. It has been a very long day, and of course you are very tired, but you cannot sleep because you are extremely nervous about your first night together. With shyness you undress and get into bed. Your new husband comes out of the restroom already undressed, struts around the room without a bit of embarrassment. He walks over to you and, without hesitation, begins to touch and fondle you. He is too rough, but you chalk it up to first time jitters and inexperience. He lays back and invites you to move closer, so you do. He professes his love for you and says that he would like to go inside you. Then he sort of just stops and seems to not know what to do. Shyly you tilt you hips and try to help him out, but because of your inexperience you make a mistake and cannot get the angle right. Then all of a sudden his eyes open wide. He shoves you away and yells, “what are you doing?”

You stand off the bed, with tears flowing down your face. Your mouth opens to speak, but you cannot find the words. His face is distorted and he continues to yell, getting louder. You take a couple of steps back into the corner of the room, listening to him scream at you. “What are you doing? Why are you crying? I thought you loved me enough not to have sex? Why don’t you just tell me what you want? ...”

You just stand there and cry. Thoughts enter your mind to leave, just grab your clothes and run away. You don’t know what has happened. Your beloved husband, who has always been so kind is now laying naked before you, yelling at you on your first night together, your first night with anyone. But if you run, what will you say to your family? They would never understand. And the people at church, how could you face them? After all, you have been informed many times by the leaders of your “monogamous” church that if you leave your husband, you will be going to hell. At a loss, you just stand there with tears streaming down your cheeks, begging the Lord in your heart for help.

“If you want to have sex that bad, then come back,” he says, “You can be like other sluts and grind against me, or on my leg or something.” What do you do? If you leave, you will be ostracized by your “monogamous” family, by members of your “monogamous” congregation. What if he is just really nervous and doesn’t know how to deal with his embarrassment? After all, you have become very close, and this is certainly out of the ordinary. Maybe it is just too much for him to handle, and you just need to have compassion and give him a chance.

With these thoughts, you cautiously make your way back to the bed, and cuddle up to your new husband. He begins caressing you, gently this time. Then kissing you, he draws you on top of him, where he encourages you to move your pelvis. Not knowing what else to do, you oblige. When you are done, you touch your husband and try to encourage him, but he gets annoyed with you and takes care of himself. You wonder how this can be. How can he change so instantly? He always said that he loved you, always said that he was waiting for you his entire life. Now he treats you like this. You spoon in beside him, and silently cry yourself to sleep.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Those Rotten "Monogamous" Disease Spreaders

Since today is World AIDS Day, I thought I would jump ahead a bit in telling my sister's story.

As I will explain in future posts, Lorne, her husband has been quite promiscuous, and doesn't really care who he is with. As a result of his illicit behaviour he has brought home a disease, with which he has infected Mary-Beth. It is not HIV, but it is so disturbing that it could have been. Of course to knowingly, or indifferently infect anyone with any kind of virus is completely immoral and criminal.

I would encourage anyone who hasn't already, to check out the World AIDS Day Website, especially the Common Myths page.

One of the main reasons for the transmission of HIV or any virus for that matter is because the truth is often misunderstood, hidden behind layers of myth and false propaganda. It is a sad thing that some people are still so ignorant as to not know how HIV is transmitted. These virus' and diseases are not spread because of a person's choice of conjugal arrangement. They are spread specifically from an infected source to a non-infected person.

We really need to get the word out, so please head over to the World AIDS Day site and show your support.