Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Monogamist" Cult Finds A Politically Correct Way To Deny Their Own

There are tens of thousands of [Cult] children that are suffering from chronic malnutrition—leading to lifelong cognitive and physical defects, and in some cases contributing to their death. ... “We estimate 80,000 active [Cult] children suffer from chronic malnutrition, and about 900 die from malnutrition each year.” While these findings may appear inconceivable to many [followers] throughout first world countries, the everyday reality of the acute needs among children in less developed countries is known by those who live with it every day

People want to know ..., why aren’t tithing and fast offerings taking care of it.

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin said, “At this very hour on this very day, some members even in our [Cult] are praying for the miracle that would allow them to surmount the suffering that surrounds them. If, while we have the means to do so, we do not have compassion for them and spring to their aid, we are in danger of being among those the prophet Moroni spoke of when he said, ‘Behold, ye do love money, and your substance, and your fine apparel…more than ye love the poor and the needy, the sick and the afflicted.”

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It seems that in spite of the "Monogamist" Cult's stand, there are a few "monogamist" followers that have tried to come up with a temporary solution, perhaps in an attempt to make believe that "monogamists" are not all bad.

Perhaps they are not all bad. But, hey, lets not get carried away.

Friday, December 2, 2011

If This Story Doesn't Turn Everyone Against "Monogamy", Nothing Will

All too often I find stories that just cannot be written about, or more accurately, I cannot find the words to write my disgust sufficiently. What can a person say about a cult that breeds this kind of evil?

A "monogamist" couple sending pornography back and forth over the internet, including a video of the mother committing sexual acts with her 10 month old son. It begs the question, what do they do to the children in private????

To read the story, including a copy of the Indictment, here's the address: