Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Parody, Satire, Irony

Well, I thought I would lighten thing up a little. Some of my favourite types of comedy are parodies, satires, and ironies. So I thought I would write a few sort of humourous observations. Now I realize that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and hopefully anyone who reads this will understand that it is only a few silly observations about human nature.

Of course the media picks up any story they can, and rightly so, but then some media corporations publish it with a definite twist to fit their own prejudices and propaganda. Many people have to live through terrible tragedies and I am very much against all forms of abuse, and I am not making light of the abuses or suffering of anyone, but of the obvious double standard of the “monogamist” elitism. Having grown up in an abusive home, I have much first hand knowledge of abuse and know a great deal of the psychological terrors that exist there. So that is the area I will address.

Some of the things that “monogamists” say about polygamists:

That polygamists are pedophiles and should be locked up. The truth, in my experience, has been that many “monogamists” are pedophiles. I have seen a tremendous amount of sexual assaults against children in “monogamist” families. Pedophilia committed by the parents (mothers included) as well as by the “uncle”, family friend, or other relatives. By their own way of thinking, “monogamists” should be castrated and jailed. Yet this thought never seems to enter their minds. Strange how they can expect forgiveness for pedophilia, just because they are “monogamous” and the polygamous community cannot???

That polygamists are women abusers. I have seen women hiding in corners, crying, terrified for their lives. I have seen women oppressed and excluded from the family finances, family decisions, education, medical attention, friends and relatives, entertainment, and the list goes on. Strange though, all these abuses were among the “monogamous” people. So according to the “monogamist” mind set, all monogamists must be women abusers???

That polygamists are adulterers. I find this statement the most humourous. “Monogamists” calling polygamists adulterers! What utter hilarity! There are so few true monogamists (one spouse), that this statement is just plain silly. They are so self-righteous that they have even created cultural and legal excuses for their adultery. Things like a government marriage certificate, and divorce. They move from one partner to the next, and as long as they do not have a government contract, they claim righteousness. Or even if they can justify in their minds that they were broken up from their partner during that hour that they were with someone else, they still say they did not commit adultery. Yet they accuse a chaste man, who did not fool around outside of marriage, and is completely faithful to all his wives, and takes full responsibility for them as well, as an adulterer??? What utter nonsense!

That all polygamists commit terrible crimes, such as: incest, statutory rape, underage marriage, welfare fraud, tax evasion, lack of education, trafficking of minors across boarders for the purpose of sex, medical neglect, and extreme forms of domestic abuse & mental torture, etc. The truth of the matter is, that I have personally worked in law enforcement and I can say that these crimes are all readily occurring among the “monogamous” communities. They occur in all walks of life, from the very rich to the very poor. I will say that they did seem to occur more frequently among the lower economic classes. Perhaps that is enough reason for the government to outlaw poverty? Then they will be arresting everyone who does not earn a certain wage, and stealing the children of the poor (they call it rescuing) and selling those children to the rich (commonly called adoption fees).

That polygamists oppress their wives and do not allow them things like education. Strange since many are nurses, teachers, accountants, administrative assistants, managers, business owners, etc.

That polygamist men deny their wives medical help. Yet they go to the doctor of their choice whenever they have a problem? Denying a woman medical attention is a common problem among abusive “monogamous” husbands. Perhaps all “monogamous” relationships should be outlawed?

That polygamist men keep their women chained in the house and do not allow them to join clubs, or go to the movies, or other entertainment. What utter nonsense! How then do they know the lines to the latest movies? Or the words to the newest songs? Have you ever been to a polygamist community? The women there are about town the same as anywhere. In fact, just take a stroll down the street in a polygamist community, and ask yourself, where are the men? Then watch how many women have ipods and cell phones, and drive cars, and wear pants, and have credit cards in their own names.

I had hoped to lighten the mood, but I think it backfired.

The truth of the matter is that there may be some polygamous men, and certainly many “monogamous” men who abuse their wives, oppress them, physically assault them, and commit all types of terrible crimes. And a simple look at the statistics will reveal that most crimes committed are committed by “monogamous” people. Not just in sheer numbers, but per capita. The bottom line is that abuse of any kind is a crime, and it is abuse that should be persecuted, not a specific type of marital union. It is painfully obvious that those who persecute, legally or not, a certain form of marriage, under the guise of stopping abuse, are only upholding abuse in all it’s forms.