Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Monogamy" and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

There is so much discussion in the Media about the exploitation of children in "monogamous" society, that it is overlooked. It seems that "monogamous" society has become accustomed to its own ills. Hypocritically, "monogamous" society seems to strive so hard to focus in on anything that may be considered abuse by polygamous society. But the question is why? Why do they put so much effort into striving to find abuse in other societies? Obviously it is the same answer as it has always been. Abusers always try to find fault in every other arena to make themselves feel justified in their own sick and perverse behaviours. And if they cannot find suitable fault, they attack the innocent by slander and propaganda.

Why are "monogamous" children sexually exploited?

There are a number of predisposing factors related to "Monogamous" society, "monogamous" families, and "monogamous" individuals that contribute to children of "monogamous" heritage being forced and/or recruited into the sex trade.

Some of the predisposing factors of the sexual exploitation of children in "monogamous" society are:

• Gender inequality instigated poverty
• High youth unemployment
• Racism and discrimination aimed at aboriginal and minority youth
• Economic and social stigmatizms
• Consumerism
• Organized crime and gang networks
• Media bias

Some of the "monogamous" family factors are:

• Intergenerational domestic violence
• drug and alcohol abuse
• sexual, emotional, and physical abuse
• Co-dependency
• Inadequate "monogamous" parenting techniques
• Insufficient supervision, affection, and attention
• Single-parent "monogamous" families

Some of the predisposing factors associated with "monogamous" individuals are:

• Early life traumas caused by emotional, sexual, or physical abuse, or by neglect and deprivation.
• Homelessness as a result of running away, or having to raise themselves, often resulting in a kennel type mentality
• Learning disabilities and neurological disorders
• Lack of education
• Being outcast because of sexual identity and labeling

It is not difficult to see the reality of "monogamy". Children subjected to this perverse "monogamous" society are at an extremely high risk to be drawn into sexual trafficking. The reality of living in such abusive situations, emotionally isolated from appropriate parental love, unyielding poverty, unemployment and homelessness, often coupled with substance abuse leaves many children of "monogamy" open to sexual exploitation.

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Story About Lies, Deception, Defrauding Welfare, Child Sex and Child Pregnancies

Try as I may, I can never explain the true psychological, physiological, and ever-lasting damages of the perverse "monogamous" culture. Once again in the "monogamous" cult there is a story of child sex and children having children. It is so disgusting, but still the "monogamous" media writers try to portray the sex scandal as a simple childhood malady, when the truth is so very clear. Here there are two sets of parents, claiming autonomy, in other words negligent parents, refusing to give the proper love and supervision to their children.

And yet, after claiming that they knew nothing of the situation, the parents are going to come out ahead. Now they have a new child in the house and their daughter is a single teen mother, eligible for all sorts of monetary government benefits. What an easy way for dead-beat parents to defraud the welfare system and get a larger income, but to pimp out their daughter. But who can they pimp out their daughter too? It takes a great deal of planning and forethought to pull off a scam of this calibre. They have to choose a boy old enough to produce sperm, but young enough to be easily controlled and not put up too much of a fight. Not to mention the delicate interaction that will be needed with the boy's parents. So who better than an 11 year old boy with a single mother, who feels a high level of shame?? Or perhaps both sets of parents have an understanding? What right does the 11 year old boy have to his unborn child? He is just a pawn in the satanic rituals of the carnal followers of "monogamy".

If this is how the children of "monogamy" are being used and treated, what kind of home life can we expect for the now unborn child? Are we to expect that the child will have any love or happiness in its life? Any freedom, or choice for the direction of its own life? Or more likely, can we expect that the child will be shamelessly inducted into the carnal lifestyle of "monogamists", to be used to gain money, or to fulfill the sick and perverted lusts of its predecessors?

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More Brain Washing From The Canadian Courts

I had thought that perhaps I was being too cynical in my approach toward "Monogamy", and that is why I had set this blog to private, and had taken a break from revealing the truth about government forced "Monogamous" only marriages, but with the recent decision announced by the BC Courts, I once again feel the need to publish my story and reveal the truth about "Monogamy".

"Polygamy has no place in modern society. ... In our view, polygamy is harmful to society, to those involved with it, particularly to women and to children born within polygamous families," Nicholson said in a House of Commons.

The entire reason that I left "Monogamous" society, was to leave behind the abuse and harms that were found there. I found the Polygamous relationships to be far more kind and considerate than any that I have ever seen among the "monogamous". I will never return to the violent and abusive "momogamous" society.

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