Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I am a daddy again!!!!

Yeah! I would like to announce that my beloved bride and I have recently had a new addition to the family. It is so great to look into those bright eyes and have the new little fella reach up and grab my finger with his tiny hands. Toni decided that we would have the child in a family birthing room this time, so that anyone who wanted to could witness the birth. It is amazing that hospitals these days have family birthing rooms, and that they make accommodations for several people being in the room at the same time. Well a few of the older children were able to watch the birth, even though they really could not see much. It was a great experience all around. Toni is great, she has recovered quickly. She is one of those women who can pace back and forth almost right up until the transitional stage, then squat down and, within five minutes, have the child. It is truly amazing!

Even though my mother arrived at our house a few weeks after the birth, we had an enjoyable visit. I have long since forgiven my mother for the terrible sexual and physical abuses that she inflicted on me as a child, yet when I picked her up at the airport several horrific memories flashed through my mind. Of course I have long forgiven her, and I did not intentionally bring up those old memories, but those memories certainly caught me off guard. On the inside I cringed with terror, as if I were five years old again, but I welcomed her with a hug. Since her children are all grown, she no longer has the ability to harm them anymore, but she is often supervised and not left alone with the younger children. She still has a very strong attachment to her vile "monogamous" church and upbringing, and continually preaches that we must repent and become "holy" like her, and follow her heinous customs of accepting pedophilia as a socially acceptable norm.

I prayed often during her visit to banish all those terrible memories and the feelings that accompanied them, and sought earnestly to build every loving and caring emotion that I could for her. After all, she is my mother, and even though the effects of her abuse will long be with me, I do forgive her. I will just never return to her religion or her customs. Hopefully some day she will realize that child abuse is wrong, no matter how socially acceptable it becomes. Then perhaps that day she will leave that "monogamous" church and follow the gospel of Christ.

As all my ardent readers know, I have always used the term "monogamous" (in quotes) to denote the hypocritical people and organizations who claim monogamy, but are secretly living lives of sexual perversity. The term "monogamous" (in quotes) does not refer to a monogamous (without quotes) living arrangement, where there is only one sexual partner. I have a great deal of respect for those who follow a truly monogamous lifestyle. In fact, I do enjoy the motto, live and let live, but not to the allowance of the criminal behaviour of child abuse. Each person involved must be of age, and fully capable of making their own consensual decision.

Wow, I get off topic fast!

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