Sunday, September 5, 2010

Born In Darkness

Hello, I am Toni, JRNorth's first wife. I have decided to join JR on this blog to share some of my stories of the horrors of "monogamy". As JR has previously mentioned, I was raised in an elitist religion where I was taught that I was better than everyone else and that only members of my church were going to go to heaven, even though members of my "monogamous" church and even members of my own family were doing unspeakably evil things to me and to others around me. I thought that people of other religions must have been so very evil if they were worse than those in my "monogamous" church. I can remember being taught that other religions were bad because they could sin and then have to perform penance, but in my own church they did not even require that, none of those who molested me ever came and apologized or tried to repent of any of their crimes against me, not even my own family.

Several of the other girls who I grew up with were having the same things happen to them and I grew to learn that this type of abuse was extremely common in this "monogamous" religion. This is the story of my Escape To Polygamy.

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