Friday, November 25, 2011

A Story About Lies, Deception, Defrauding Welfare, Child Sex and Child Pregnancies

Try as I may, I can never explain the true psychological, physiological, and ever-lasting damages of the perverse "monogamous" culture. Once again in the "monogamous" cult there is a story of child sex and children having children. It is so disgusting, but still the "monogamous" media writers try to portray the sex scandal as a simple childhood malady, when the truth is so very clear. Here there are two sets of parents, claiming autonomy, in other words negligent parents, refusing to give the proper love and supervision to their children.

And yet, after claiming that they knew nothing of the situation, the parents are going to come out ahead. Now they have a new child in the house and their daughter is a single teen mother, eligible for all sorts of monetary government benefits. What an easy way for dead-beat parents to defraud the welfare system and get a larger income, but to pimp out their daughter. But who can they pimp out their daughter too? It takes a great deal of planning and forethought to pull off a scam of this calibre. They have to choose a boy old enough to produce sperm, but young enough to be easily controlled and not put up too much of a fight. Not to mention the delicate interaction that will be needed with the boy's parents. So who better than an 11 year old boy with a single mother, who feels a high level of shame?? Or perhaps both sets of parents have an understanding? What right does the 11 year old boy have to his unborn child? He is just a pawn in the satanic rituals of the carnal followers of "monogamy".

If this is how the children of "monogamy" are being used and treated, what kind of home life can we expect for the now unborn child? Are we to expect that the child will have any love or happiness in its life? Any freedom, or choice for the direction of its own life? Or more likely, can we expect that the child will be shamelessly inducted into the carnal lifestyle of "monogamists", to be used to gain money, or to fulfill the sick and perverted lusts of its predecessors?

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